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Information department

The Norwegian Lutheran Mission is entirely dependent on voluntary commitment, prayer and donations.Therefore it is important to reach out with good information about the mission work both in Norway and abroad.


 The Information department at the NLM headquarters has a variety of tasks - and has overall responsibility for these websites. We want to engage children, adolescents and adults using different media and means of communication.


The mission magazine Utsyn is published every 14 days and convey varied material on missionary work both in the mission fields and in Norway. Utsyn also publishes news on utsyn.no integrated into the website nlm.no.


The media club Superblink work with children, both through magazine, CD's and superblink.no. The club is run jointly by NLM and Norea, and in collaboration with the ImF. Teenagers and youth are the target audience for the web portal iTro.no. The website is updated frequently and brings diverse materials on mission christian faith and christian life.

Informations material

The Informations department also has a responsibility that at any given time there iscurrent and updated information on NLM's activities. The department distributesDVDs/videos, PowerPoint slideshows, brochures and other informational material.Much of the material is available to download on our website. In addition it providespress and local radio stations with relevant information.

The Informations department is also behind Elim, Evangelical Literature Mission. The purpose is to finance the dispatch of Utsyn to prisons, hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions, as well as publish and distribute tracts / pamphlets. 

Is you have any questions, please contact us on info@nlm.no

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